Lloyds Bank Making a Statement
Gallery: 52 Brewer St, SOHO
Agency: Grayling 
Creative Director: Paula Zuccotti 
Photography: Paula Zuccotti
Exhibition design: Puchero Londres
Exhibition production: Northbanks
Video Installation: Tom Underwood

Most Brits say their financial wellbeing is a top priority, yet almost half shy away from checking their bank statements. We believe it’s time to make a statement. This exhibition brings to life people’s monthly bank statements. 

“Created by Lloyds Bank in collaboration with well-known artist and ethnographer Paula Zuccotti, this exhibition aims to encourage people to think differently about where their money goes and to have a better relationship with their finances by displaying a visual representation of consumers’ monthly spending. Paula turned statements into works of art ”

“When Lloyds Bank approached me to take part in a campaign to help people to visualise people’s monthly bank statements as works of art, I was keen to get involved and uncover about the unique stories of people’s buying habits and what their purchases say about them. “There is something powerful about seeing the inventory of our lives, as a visual history of the things we’ve bought.  When you see it as a collective, it is very revealing, and can tell you something about yourself, the things you value, and your attitude towards buying and spending – in a way that wouldn’t usually be on show.” Paula 


Škoda Octavia
Agency: Fallon
Creative: Jon Lefley
Director: Paula Zuccotti
DOP: Oldie
Sound: Ali Pares
Camera asistant: Josh Wasserman
Producer: Private Island
Casting: Martha Stewart
Photography: Paula Zuccotti

“If you want to learn about owners' love for their car, you just need to see them interacting with them. The way they customise them, the way they treat them, the way they load them. All the little features that they love, and all the objects that travel with them" ....“Ethnography involves observing from the inside, using this lens we’re better able to understand the way people use, relate to, drive, and ultimately feel about their cars” Paula explained.

The ŠKODA Octavia “Loved, not owned” campaign uses ethnography and Every Thing We Touch as a unique visual storytelling technique to create a snapshot in time of the Octavia owner’s lives and the relationship they have
with their car; told through the objects that travel in them.

"We engaged independent & world-renowned ethnographer, Paula Zuccotti
to investigate the insight that owners really loved their ŠKODA Octavias."

Jon Lefley, Creative at Fallon London

Initially engaging ŠKODA Octavia owners via a social outreach campaign; hundreds of respondents were distilled down to 6 owners from across Britain who demonstrated the versatility of usage, and diversity of ownership to
become a snapshot of British ŠKODA Octavia ownership. From a rural GP,
to an NCT mum, to a search and rescue winch man to a marketing manager
and farmer and more.

The integrated campaign is running online, and ATL in press and OOH format. The “Loved, not owned” proposition will continue to be developed throughout the rest of the year, beginning with a social campaign to widen the reach of this unique take on the relationship between car, and owner. 

Wimbledon Station photo: Tom Underwood